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Professional Pest Control

Professional bug pest removal services.

Keep bugs out of your house, by stopping them before they even reach your yard! The Roof Cleaner is a fully licensed local pest control company capable of spraying your yard for mosquitos, ticks, spiders, ants, and even bees!

Mosquito and Tick Control Services


When mosquito season approaches, the best way to prevent mosquitos infesting your yard and ruining your backyard barbeques is to trust the professionals to treat your yard with a mosquito fogging. Keep your family protected by keeping ticks and mosquitos out of your yard. Shield your property from pesky mosquitoes and enjoy your summer outdoors all season long.

Spider Pest Control

Spiders like to live in eaves, soffit, attics, behind siding, and many other protected places where they can easily catch their next lunch…or you! If you have spiders, we have smart solutions to protect your home from them. You can trust us as the go to local spider pest control services to keep spiders out of your home by preventing them from getting in to begin with.

Spider extermination in michigan.


Ants have been around for millions of years. They are the true survivors and they work hard to expand their colonies…even throughout your yard. Ants view your home as an easy source of water food, and shelter and they will invade for easy access to these amenities. An ant treatment can keep ants far away from your home. Our professional ant extermination and pest control service will identify any possible areas of entry and provide treatment to exterminate and eradicate ant infestation.


Bee and Wasp Control

No one likes getting stung. Bee and wasp nests near your home have the potential to ruin a warm summer day. If you have bee or wasp nests near your home, call us to schedule a professional bee and wasp nest removal. We will identify any potential areas bees might return and work to prevent them from moving hives back in. Our expert wasp exterminators can keep your home and family safe and take the sting out of getting rid of bees!

Bee and was removal and exterminators.

We use modern, safe, professional equipment to kill and eradicate any pest.

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