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Five Reasons to Clean Your Roof

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Unlike many “roof cleaning” services, The Roof Cleaner uses a low-pressure chemical cleaning method that is much safer on your shingles and helps to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria that is causing your roof have those black streaks. Our goal is to increase the life of your roof and improve the overall look of your shingles. 

Here are the five main reasons cleaning your roof can help save you time, money and keep you off of that ladder.

1. Roof Longevity

Cleaning your roof helps to extend the overall life of your shingles by removing the potentially harmful bacteria that can eat away at the limestone of your asphalt shingles. By using the soft wash system, your shingles can have a longer lifecycle saving you thousands of dollars in roof replacement and energy costs. 

2. Health

The bacteria that attaches to your shingles can cause mold and allergens to form affecting the health of you and your family. A clean roof provides a healthy home and a healthy state of mind. 

3. Home Value

Having a clean roof and protecting it from bacteria and damage caused by mold and unattended shingles, homeowners are able to safeguard themselves against expensive repairs. This helps to protect your home investments as well as increase resale value should you put your home on the market. 

4. Energy Costs

As we covered in the previous blog the algae that form on asphalt shingles turn into dark type stains to protect the bacteria from the sun. Those dark stains soak up the sun and increase the heat of your roof, transferring that heat into your home. That can lead to a large increase in cooling and energy costs during the hot Michigan summers. 

5. Roof Aesthetics

As homeowners, we always want to be proud of where we live. A clean roof goes a long way in making your house a home and one of the nicest looking places on the block. Take pride in your home on the inside and out. 

The Roof Cleaner brings over 10 years of experience to each and every job. As certified roof cleaners through the Roof Cleaning Insitute of America, we always recommend a low pressure, chemical cleaning method that removes algae from your roof in a more effective, safer manner. We adhere to the recommendations by those popular shingle manufactures and look to help you clean and preserve your shingles. 

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Understanding the Condition of Your Dirty Roof

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We help you answer your questions about why your roof looks the way it does, and what that may mean for the overall health of your roof.

Black streaks, green algae, and acid rain. These are all terms that we hear on a daily basis from our clients, and we want to help set the record straight about the health of your roofs and their overall appearance. In this article, we are going to break down the common misconceptions about what you see on your roofs and the pitfalls that many homeowners fall into when cleaning their shingles. 

Why does my roof look like this?

In Michigan, our weather changes fast and our roofs take the brunt of those changes. As part of that, your shingles often develop black streaks that many believe is from the actual shingles deteriorating or granular loss, tar running out of the shingles, or caused by acid rain. This is the number one sign that scares many homeowners into Googling high cost, high effort roof replacement solutions. We are here to tell you that in many cases your shingles aren’t deteriorating, they just need a good cleaning. 

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It’s not old, it’s mold!

When we meet with our clients and talk to them about their concerns with the roof, we always want to make sure that just because the roof looks worn, doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. Often times, the dirty, worn look is caused by Gloeocapsa Magma Algae (moss, lichen). 

A history lesson.

We won’t bore the readers with a full history and science lesson about mold and algae, but as specialists and homeowners ourselves, we want you to know what you are likely dealing with. Gloeocapsa Magma Algae is a form of the ancient, 3 million-year-old cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) organism that turns that dark black color to protect itself from the sun. 

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So what about my roof?

The algae that are growing on your roof is very manageable and is likely no cause for concern. Cleaning your shingles using a soft-wash method can help to preserve the life of your shingles and improve aspects of your home that may have seemed unrelated. The biggest plus is that you don’t have to replace your roof or re-shingle, by calling The Roof Cleaners and setting up a consultation, we can determine the best way to clean your roof and help you prepare for the next season.

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