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The Top Recommended Method to Extend the Life of Your Roof

Have you ever looked up at your roof and thought about how dirty or ugly those shingles are? Are you considering just waiting until your roof needs replacing to restore the color that used to be there? There is a little-known solution to this that not only restores the shine in your roof but can extend the life of your roof.

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Professional Roof Cleaning

There are a lot of people out there who might think to pull out the power washer to get rid of the moss, mold, and bacteria that can grow and cause damage to the roof. Not only can it be dangerous for you to get on your roof with a bulky power washer, but it will also cause more damage to your roof.


When you (or a professional) pressure washes the roof, it blows away the granules that cover the roof shingles. These granules are there to protect the shingle from UV rays and make the shingles more fire resistant. By pressure washing away those granules, your roof shingles will become brittle and crack due to prolonged exposure to UV rays in the long days of summer. This means you’ll have to replace your roof earlier!

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The number one method recommended by home appraisers nationwide to keep your roof clean and extend the life is a soft-wash roof cleaning performed by a team of professional cleaners. The mold and stains on your roof can be easily removed and stay removed for up to 5 years guaranteed with a professional soft wash roof cleaning.

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A soft wash roof cleaning does not just blow the algae, mold, and bacteria off your roof into the air. The soft-wash system helps to neutralize the microbial bacteria that has already taken root in your roof shingles. It also prevents these pesky infestations from returning!

The best part? It is extremely affordable. Whereas a new roof can cost upwards of $15,000, a roof cleaning can cost as little as $300 and, if done every 5 years, has the possibility of extending the life of your roof up to the full 50-year warranty guaranteed by shingle manufacturers!

So keep that power washer in your garage and take the number one recommendation nationwide for restoring your roof’s shine and preserving the life of the roof.


Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

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The rustic, natural appeal of Cedar Shake Shingles helps to protect your home from the elements and can last for up to 50 plus years when properly cared for. We can help you with cedar roof maintenance, cedar roof care and cedar shake roof cleaning. Unlike most roofing systems, Cedar Shake roofing requires maintenance and care.

Benefits of Cedar Shake:

  • Beauty
  • Longevity
  • Weather Resistant
  • Lightweight

In order to get the maximum benefit out of this wonderful roof material, keep it in peak condition, and extend its maximum product life, keep in mind the following steps:

Protecting Your Cedar Shingles

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection is done with care, we can inspect your roof, most of the time without having to walk on the roof. We have special ladders with large stand offs that allow us to get to most any location on your roof. We are fully insured to protect you. We look at the general surface condition and the condition of the butt ends of your shingles.


Nails and other metal fasteners can pull loose and backout with natural expansion and contraction that occurs with the changing of seasons. Loose fasteners weaken the integrity of your cedar roofing system. In some cases, the nails can be simply nailed back down.

Mold & Moisture

Do not power wash your cedar shake roof.

We know some people like the natural look of Moss and Lichen that forms on Cedar Shake Shingles. Most people do not realize that Moss and Lichen do serious damage to your Cedar Shake Roof. Moss and Lichen along with other plant types that grow on a roof holds moisture and rots out the shingles. Cedar Shake Shingles are supposed to get wet and then dry out but with all the growth on the shingles they do not get to dry out and begin to rot. You can hire a professional roof cleaner to professionally clean your Cedar Shake to prevent this kind of damage and prolong the life of your roof! We use a Soft-Wash System to clean your roof. What ever you do, do not power wash your Cedar Shake.


leaves and moss

Debris can cause standing water, or even draw water up the slope and around the shingles and flashings. Overhanging trees can deposit sap and other types of moisture which can promote the growth of Moss and Lichen and rapid decay. So, it is important to keep your cedar shake roof clear of debris as often as possible.


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Valleys need to be checked for debris build up, the valley metal needs to be checked for any holes or rust.

The Roof Cleaner provides Western Red Cedar care and provides Cedar Shake house wash service for all your siding cleaning needs. The Roof Cleaner has been restoring Cedar Shakes, and Cedar Shake Maintenance since 2010. The Roof Cleaner can maintain your Cedar Shake and provide the best in Cedar roof cleaning.

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