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As if homeowners don’t have enough chores to keep them busy, many shingle manufacturers now recommend periodic cleaning of the roof surface.

You heard right. Many roofs need to be washed to keep them in good shape. The black streaks seen on many roofs are algae growth which, left unchecked can shorten the life expectancy of the roof by feeding on the limestone filler used in some newer shingles, according to GAF Materials Corp. of Wayne, N.J., a manufacturer of roofing products since 1886. Proper cleaning can eliminate the algae.





Bea Stevens of Laingsburg, MI., noticed the stains on her roof several seasons ago. After replacing the original roof, which Stevens says never had algae problems, she Noticed the unsightly streaking on her new Roof only a few years after it was installed. “ It was downright ugly,” she says.

Unsightly algae stains on roofs, Cleaning is a good idea.

This type of service is relatively new to Michigan but is quite common in the Southern States, where algae can be an extreme problem. Afflicted roofs have dark streaks that are usually most prominent on the lower section of the roof and taper off as they reach the ridge. The discoloration is caused by the algae’s protective heath, which, turns dark to protect the organism from ultraviolet rays.

The dark stains on roofs increase utility cost. Ninety percent of homeowners did not know roofs can be cleaned. Fifty percent of homeowners replace the roof because of appearance. Don’t replace your roof! Erase the stains. Roof cleaning cost 1/10th of the cost to replace your roof. We hope to convince you of dollars and cents reasons for keeping your roof healthy and clean.

Let The Roof Cleaner make your roof look new again!