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I noticed the unsightly Streaking on my roof only a few years after it was installed. It was downright ugly! I considered replacing my roof. That mistake could have cost me thousands of dollars! With my professional roof cleaning, my roof and gutters look like new again!"
Bea Steven
Laingsburg, MI
When I had my roof cleaned I used a company called The Roof Cleaner and they did a beautiful job and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends or anyone else for that matter."
Satisfied Customer from Michigan
Our roof looked just terrible with ugly stains streaking down the roof and in places it was just black. We contacted The Roof Cleaner and he looked at our awful roof and said no problem. It was extremely hot the day he came to clean the roof (90+). He did his thing in a very professional manner and the roof looks great!"
Novi, MI
The metal roof on my home was dirty and dull looking. The Roof Cleaner removed all the streaks and discoloration and now the metal roof looks like new thanks to The Roof Cleaner."
Grand Ledge, MI
Thank you again for all of your hard work cleaning our cedar shake roof. The roof looks great! The Roof Cleaners worked long and hard to do the job well!"
Glen Arbor, MI
Before I called "The Roof Cleaners LLC" I watched their video and saw the work they did. It was good, I thought. Perhaps too good. Does it really work that well?" So I called them and they gave me an estimate and I said okay. I thought to myself, well, if it doesn't work out, at least I didn't pay an arm and a leg. So, they came out and started work. (I felt like I was at a car wash, only it was my home going through all the water and suds) and they worked their hearts out. They washed my windows and they scoured my home clean from top to bottom. (Outside of course) Now, for the test. I walked outside, and went across the street so I could get a good look at what they did and it took my breath away. That roof sparkled. What a wonderful job they did. What a transformatio! Before they began their work my roof looked like it had gone through a fire. It was black and streaked and I was embarrassed by it. Roofers would drive by and knock on my door and tell me I needed a new roof, but I didn't believe them because it wasn't that old and it didn't leak. When I went to the store afterwards and came back, and was winding the bend towards my house, through the trees I saw the roof my house, where before I couldn't because it was so black; and it glistened. It look like a new roof I kid you not. I had to write this. I feel strongly about this, because so many roofers want to entice you into buying a new roof, when just a good cleaning will do. I'm glad I found them. I didn't know cleaning roofs was an Industry. A thing. Somehow I found them and was glad I took that chance. I can't brag them up enough. Those videos are true. It really works and these guys love their job. This is a true story. One I had to tell."
Commerce Township, MI